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My Dearest Shopify Merchant,

I’m guessing you currently have challenges with your eCommerce business and before you leave this website, please claim your GIFT as a thank you for dropping by.

I’d love to help you by giving a FREE website health check (15-20min video of website audit) with actual strategies that you can implement to have higher conversion.

Yours Truly,
THY Shopify Partner, Hameah Yap

“We tried to work with marketing agencies but we never got the results that were promised.”

“I have the products that people want AND I am getting tons of traffic, BUT my revenue and sales are just going down”

Alright, so you might be having the same challenges

and for the past 8 years that I have been in the IT industry dealing with servers, databases and ERP systems, the most effective way to troubleshoot or solve a problem is to do the process of ELIMINATION.

Narrow the scope of your problem by eliminating components that are not causing the problem.

And with eCommerce, the first thing we need to solve is by answering the question…


We need to check each variable one by one to see where the bottleneck is and the very first thing we need to fix is of course, thy Shopify Store

From your homepage up until we reach the very last step of your checkout page. 

We need to first make sure that your Shopify Store is already converting even with just your existing traffic alone before we dive into the issues of your other marketing strategies (i.e. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email marketing etc.).

“By using a process of elimination, you can simplify your problem and avoid wasting time in other areas.”

Hi! I'm Ham,

Thy Shopify Partner that will help you get that BETTER business you’ve been aiming for.

You might be wondering…

There are other Shopify Experts out there that I can work with. So why should I work with Ham?

Well, one, I’m fun to work with :p

And two, because I get YOU.

I know exactly how frustrating, stressful it is doing everything you can, thinking of every possible way to get that sale.

if only someone can help me get results…

I don’t want to overpromise, but I will definitely DO my very BEST for you to get that BETTER result.

And if in the worst case that you didn’t get a better one, worry not! I’d be happy to return your investment. 

Yep, money back guarantee! 😉

How can I help you?

Being Thy Shopify Partner only means that you have direct access to a team that’s equipped with the strategy & skills to bring your Fashion Business to the next level.

Shopify Development

Get your Shopify Store Up
and Running with Custom Solutions Tailored Fit
for your Business

Shopify Web

Build an Attractive Shopify Website that Brings your Brand to Life and Streamlines your Sales Process

Shopify Quality Assurance

End to End Testing to
Deliver the Most Positive Experience Possible for Your Customers

Conversion Rate Optimization

View the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) of your Site Holistically and Convert your Traffic into Revenue


Together, We will Go Through the IPIC Phases for an Epic Shopify Journey 😉

Phase 1: Initiation Phase

Complimentary website audit
Strategy call to uncover business problems
Step-by-step strategy for your business goals
Review and Approve

Phase 2: Planning Phase

Dig deep in understanding business objectives
Data collection and analysis
Hypothesis creation
Brand Identity & Strategy

Phase 3: Implementation Phase

Shopify Design & Development
Launch, Test & Optimize

Phase 4: Completion Phase

Final deliverables and project handover
Support and maintenance
Watch your traffic convert into Revenue
Celebrate Success! 

Start a better business journey with



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